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The Nesting Place!

You’re pregnant or your partner is pregnant. You want to have a healthy labour AND you want to feel good about your experience. You want to make the right decisions for YOU but you don’t know what questions to ask. You want to trust your gut yet be well informed about what to expect from something you’ve never done before…wouldn’t it be nice if labour came with a guide? Oh wait…it does! A doula!

What each parent needs to feel confident about their birth experience is different so we personalize our Birthing From Within prenatal classes, birth doula care,postpartum doula care and infant massage to help you discover what feels right for YOU and your family.

Doulas at The Nesting Place

Doulas Stefanie and Amanda

You’re in good hands. . .

It is with great pleasure that I announce Stefanie Antunes as the new owner of The Nesting Place. Stefanie has been a doula for well over a decade and has been the leading force behind establishing doulas as a professional practice in Toronto.

Stefanie shares The Nesting Place values of offering authentic support to clients so that parents feel more confident, less scared, more connected and less isolated in their birth and immediate postpartum.


At The Nesting Place, we believe that what makes YOU feel supported will have the biggest impact on how you remember your birth or parenting experience. Our job is to give you

that support.

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